Best Wedding Themes – Some Of The Best Wedding Themes You Might Like

wedding themesSo, you are getting married and you are going to spend the rest of your life with the one person you love in the entire world. You are now planning that wedding and you know it will be the most perfect day of your life. Now, before you get too giddy about it, you will first need to pick a wedding theme. Here are several of the best wedding themes you might like to choose.

Traditional Vintage

If you are aiming for that grand wedding, you might be planning on an all-out wedding theme that will be traditional in its entirety. A traditional vintage wedding will always include the coat-and-tie, the grand white wedding gown, and the classic colors such as old rose, pink, and light blue. If this is your kind of style, make sure that you include all the proper factors like the church, the roses, the lilies, and the traditional something-old-something-borrowed-something-new jewellery.


You might like your wedding to be the more modern type. So, this will be something spicier and more upbeat, in a sense. Consider colors that will suit a modern setting like yellow, purple, peach, and lavender. Your wedding dress might also be more modern in style and you might want to consider other colors rather than the traditional white. You also need to pick a venue that will be more upbeat complete with all the different modern accessories that will make the event modern in its entirety.

Garden And Outdoors

Now, if you are the more nature-loving type, a garden and outdoors wedding might be your choice. There are several ideas that will make that wedding very special. Find a good outdoor location that will have all the different aspects like a gazebo, the typical mini-bridge-over-mini-water, and of course, the flowers – lots and lots of flowers.


If you are inclined to something more adventurous, the beach wedding is something that you might like. This will be excellent especially if you already have that excellent location in mind. Finding good beach wedding locations will lead you to explore places that are near the beach and all the tropical factors that will make it even more exotic, in a sense.

Cultural And Religion-Based

You might also want to have a cultural or religion-based wedding. This will entail you an additional factor that will be very important – the culture or the religion you want to consider. It will be good to add native dishes and native traditions that will make it even more authentic. Some of the best wedding themes are those that have been based on the more exotic side of the different cultures in the world.