Beach Wedding Vs Church Wedding

flowersAre you for a beach wedding or the more traditional church event? Depending on your own preference, you can easily pick one of these choices. Here is a discussion of both kinds of weddings.


When you choose to have a beach event, there are several things you will need to accomplish. Aside from the fact that the actual wedding will be done in the beach, you also don’t need a separate venue for the reception. You can have everything done in one specific location. This can be perfect especially when you need to work around a budget and you are preparing for an event without the benefit of a longer preparation.

You only need to find the best location possible and find the person to officiate the event. Send out your invitations and have everything done in that location – the exchange of vows and the celebration after will all happen in that specific spot of your own choosing. Remember not to forget the suntan lotion though, since the beach will always require you of that.


Now, if you want to choose the more traditional church event, you will have to ponder about all the different requirements such as the actual church, the venue for the celebration after, and all the other things you will need. This will also require more time for preparation and a bigger budget as well. You will have to prepare decorations for both places and also the various things needed to make both places suited to the celebration.


Depending really on your own preference, you can choose either of these. This will depend upon the budget you have for the event and the time constraints you will be having. The only thing that will really matter is the fact that your wedding vows will be said that day. You are going to profess love everlasting and that should be your main concern, really.

So, will you choose the beach or the church? If you are the more traditional type, the church venue should be the one for you. This will give you the solemnity that the church environment has and also the pealing sound of ringing church bells.

However, if you are the more adventurous, more nature-loving type of person, the beach venue will be more to your liking. The beach will give you the site of the ocean, sailboats, and the surreal feeling of nature. Both can be good choices and both can be your dream-come-true.